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We are a Dance School dedicated to Argentine Tango. A part of the rich and vibrant Brisbane Tango Community, we offer classes for any wishing to learn Tango - from the absolute beginner to those looking to take their tango to the next level.
Tango is a complex, beautiful, and romantic dance that reaches all the way to your soul… Good for your body, good for your mind. We would love to see you soon!


Argentine tango

Boutique Dance Studio in Herston

OSVALDO FRESEDO - BUSCANDOTE. (2020_07_29 08_36_07 UTC)
Private milonga scene
Tango studio at Herston

Tango Eternal’s dedicated dance space has beautiful floors, mirrored walls and is ideally set up for small group classes and private lessons. Our Dance Studio is the perfect place to play! Come and explore the tango life in Brisbane’s newest Tango space!

Tango moments




Qualified Professional Trainer and Experienced Tango Instructor

I started dancing Tango in 2011 in Canberra. I was very privileged to learn with both Kmotion Dance Studio and Tengo Tango and I was quickly hooked! Over the past 12 years, my tango understanding has developed through continuous lessons with some of Australia’s best teachers, workshops and seminars with International Maestros during their Australian visits and my visits to Argentina.

In 2018 I combined my love of tango and my professional experience as an instructor and trainer and began teaching with Kmotion. Since then, my passion for sharing the complexities of tango with people has continued to grow. I see tango as an unspoken conversation between two people – a question and an answer – reliant entirely on the connection created through the embrace.

Our team


Tango Instructor

After exploring sports and ballet training in my youth, and experimenting with Latin Dance styles later, I was left wishing for more from dancing.  In 2013, I found something that touched my soul, and my Tango journey began.

Tango is much more than a dance for me. Tango has a magical ability to lift human spirits in even the most challenging times.  I love the challenge it provides and the communities it creates. I have learnt so much from many talented tango teachers, and I can’t wait to share my knowledge and passion with you.

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