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Tango Eternal CITA Experience Tour - POSTPONED TO 2024

What is CITA?

Directed by Fabián Salas & Lola Díaz, CITA is the International Tango Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina. CITA is THE premiere tango festival on the worldwide circuit featuring 30+ couples of the world acclaimed master teachers.


How it works

  1. Book the CITA experience tour here.

  2. Retrieve your CITA discount code (US$50 discount) - we will email it to you.

  3. Book your CITA pass at the CITA webpage.

  4. Come along to one of our CITA Experience Tour info sessions (pre-booking required).

  5. Book your accommodation and flights (additional cost). We will talk about some options and details at our info session (or you can give us a call if you wish to book earlier).

  6. Choose your 15 CITA classes out of 70 options - we are here to help. (Additional classes are available at a discounted cost).

  7. Join us for our pre-CITA workshop series (3 classes).

  8. Pack your bags and escape on your unforgettable tango adventure.


What is included

Nine amazing days of the purest Tango adventure in Buenos Aires, including:








Tour dates (more details in our Tour Info Pack)

10 - 11 March - arrival in Buenos Aires

11 March - orientation and the tour Welcome Dinner

12 March -  city tour

13 March - cemetery sightseeing tour; CITA registration

14 - 18 March - CITA (+ additional milongas - see our info pack)

19 March - shopping tour and Farewell Dinner


What's the tour cost?

Tango Eternal CITA Experience Tour: $990 per person

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